The story of Livity began in 2014, when entrepreneur Krasen Kyurkchiev, creator of many successful brands and named one of the 10 best entrepreneurs in Europe for 2011 by European Business Awards decided to make a light and nutrient-dense raw bar that both felt good and tasted good.
Krasen and his close friend Sasho share one and the same passion – surfing. Sasho’s son Alex was just 14 at the time but already had a clear goal in life: becoming a professional kite surfer. Alex’s ambition impressed Krasen and got him thinking deeply about the importance of nutrition and energy in pursuing dreams and goals. That led to his brainchild: a raw bar that could sustain even the most demanding activities in life.

Livity is culture. Culture to live.
Enjoy it.
Creating Livity bars took real dedication – a lot of research, precise selection of raw ingredients and extreme focus on the control over their delivery and production. In the end, the Livity team found the perfect mix of the optimal bio vegan ingredients. The final selection included bio coconut, chia, acerola, maca, apple, sour cherry, cashew and dates.

In order to make the bar even tastier, Krasen and his team added hand crafted raw chocolate drops from a family company in the UK – thus the Superfood bar came to be. Unlike industrial methods that use overly intense heat, the slow and hand-crafted technology of the artisan chocolate found in Livity bars keeps all enzymes and microelements inside the cacao.

Later on the team mixed and matched simply fruits and nuts and formed the Livity Nature bar: Livity’s foundational clean and on-the-go snack. The range use only two types of ingredients – high-powered fruits and nuts – to create a bar with enough nutrients to get you through the day with energy to spare.

The Livity team took their vision one step further and created their most functional bar yet, using egg white protein as a star ingredient to aid in daily dynamic activity as well as both pre and post training. The inclusion of Livity’s signature dark chocolate is the perfect finishing touch on a high-powered protein bar filled with superpowered ingredients.