The story of Livity began in 2014, when the entrepreneur Krasen Kyurkchiev, who has created many successful brands and in 2011 was named one of the 10 best entrepreneurs in Europe for 2011 by European Business Awards decided to make light and tasty raw bar that makes you feel good.

Krasen and his close friend Sasho share one and the same passion – surfing and discuss the achievements of the son of Sasho, Alex, who was just 14 but already had a clear goal in his life: to become a professional kite surfer.
Back then Alex was among the best kiters in Bulgaria and was preparing for his first world championship and he needed energy for the exhausting trainings. He was eating mainly chocolate bars and junk food and didn’t feel good in the water. His father was also concerned for the huge amount of sugar, consumed by Alex. At this point Krasen, who has just opened his first office in New York and who was inspired by the probiotics boom in US, decided to make an energy bar, that makes Alex feel good. This was how Livity was born.

Livity is culture. Culture to live.
Enjoy it.
Creating Livity bars took real dedication – a lot of research, precise selection of raw ingredients and extreme focus on the control over their delivery and production. At the end the Livity team found the right mix of the best bio vegan ingredients and the right way to keep living cultures alive in the bar. The final selection included bio coconut, chia, acerola, maca, apple, sour cherry, cashew and dates.

The solution for the live cultures came from an advanced biotechnological solution – double capsule containing fibers and protein, protecting the live cultures from the environment.

Livity contains 4 strains of vegan live cultures – among the 80 approved for consumption from the European food safety agency. In order for the bar to be even tastier, Krasen and his team added hand crafted raw chocolate drops from a family company in UK.

Unlike industrial production of chocolate including heating, the slow and hand crafted technology of making chocolate keeps all enzymes and microelements inside the cacao.